I am watching tv and the women on the TV has awesome glasses. they are huge. I am watching a pretty sad documentary about two kids from chicago poor neighborhoods that are trying to get into the NBA. it is good. a bummer. life certainly isn’t fair.

This weekend rocks. Last night was the lollapalooza preparty at crobar. it was madness. Chris Holmes is here, Tommie Sunshine is here, everyone is back. it rules. just like the old days. Friday was a great party at crobar. Chris brought in a bunch of cool people to dj. Zoe bonham, david j, and jimmy duval. heh. oh yea.. and cobrasnake was there too.

Then tonight i saw the pixies , then weezer - then i came home and hung out with hiromi and took her to see the blonde redhead secret show at the double door.

I really want gold teeth. white gold. i want to have raised letters in it to say YoYo. heh. that would rule. RULE!! maybe i will get them when i goto nyc soon. i would laugh.