I just finished the newest harry potter book. I quite enjoyed it. (i have turned the spiolers white - unless you are in an RSS reader) I was of course about dumbledore’s demise and snape turning(hah) evil. but i was more bummed about harry’s ejection of ginny. WHY. they are so cute. hahaha.

anyway. i am “stuck” at Tommie’s house here in Brooklyn - with internet and directtv. stuck isn’t so much the situation as i didn’t really make any moves to find another place to stay. and i lost my other options number. hah. lame. well not really. i can finally get some work done. Tommie has these three dogs. they are Italian miniature greyhounds. totally insane. like little rat creatures. one is blind. looks as though he has clouds for eyes. they are really quite something. i want to live somewhere where i can have dogs or cats - but i want them to be self supportive(except for feeding). I want a big enough house and surrounding grounds where i don’t have to walk them. that is a goal.

stupid harry.

Tomorrow i really have to work hard. I have so much to do. hmm. maybe i will start tonight. Yes. yes i will.

i can’t wait to get back to Chicago and see all my friends. i miss them. its annoying not being free to do whatever i want.

although i seriously couldn’t ask for a better prison. haha.

btw. i LOVE reading.