So i was working with seth - wrapping up my summer gig and hanging out a bit. and he was telling me that he was going to throw out some water damaged audiophile equipment that he had laying around. He then offered me the equipment - and i of course said YES.

Ever since i was a child i have had a nack of gathering broke ass audio equipment - whether it be HUGE 18” bass cabinets or a 60s reverb box, i have always had a nack of getting some great stuff. so today’s score isn’t that weird. but it is some really nice stuff.

This time, however, the stuff is much different. seth was going to throw away: 2 DecWare Zen Triode Amplifier 2 Norh 9 speakers 1 Red Rose Model Three Preamp

I have identified them as best i can. they will possibly be different and they will possibly be broke. but i “gave” them to mark verbos because he is VERY VERY good at electronics and he follows the mantra that i also believe in “Nothing is broken.”

Oh yea. Rule. Hopefully mark will get them to work and put them in his studio or something and ROCKING. i hope to make these speakers ROCK. ROCK ROCK ROCK.

It is so goddamn hot in this apartment. I am sooo ready to be home and lay down in my bed. and sleep. sleep. sleep. sleep.

Hiromi is leaving soon. that is a bummer. but we will be hanging out and traveling before she goes. so that will be nice.

hot hot hot.

my mom is coming this weekend with my cousin. it will be fun.

hot hot hot.

enough. my laptop is burning my lap.