its like the rat that has to step on the shocking plate to get the morphine drip to his brain. i am using my laptop and playing on the internet while riding in a car. it is making my stomach uneasy. but i love the internet. so confusing.

i am excited to finally exit the car in a couple hours. but not excited to fly back to chicago so quickly.

i also don’t want to do work. but it is cool and interesting so i kinda do. i just want money to come from the sky. it is all so confusing. i want to do all this stuff on my own - but i know that getting a job is so much easier. so i have all this cool stuff that i am doing - and it is sorta dependent on me not having a job. and to top it all off - i think skinnycorp really wants to hire me. hah. stupid work. i imagine if i was in chicago or available none of this would be happening - but as i am away and on a road trip - everything is madness.

and my penis is really hot from my laptop. i need to move it. my penis or my laptop.