So i mistakenly packed this swiss army knife that my brother got for me when he went to switzerland years ago in my carry on luggage. I didn’t mean to and i had forgotten it was there - cuz i brought it in case i needed it on our road trip. So the airline people took it. Stuff like this always makes me sad. stupid airlines. stupid US being in a fear state. so annoying. I remember in college when a friend of mine brought a 6 inch folding knife on the plane in texas and we were surprised they yelled at him when he tried to bring it back to texas in iowa.

i just read this. You should all read it. it is really good. hiromi was reading it but i stole it and read it while on the plane. Really sad. but really good.

And now i am going to prepare for tonight. Looks like i have 3-5 hours before i have to “perform” - so i am going to take a nap.