Seriously. so my chicago car plus card was deactivated cuz my credit card info was invalid and my company(or lack there of) stopped paying for my transit. SO i updated my credit card info, purchased a $75 dollar 30 day pass and called it good. they said to wait 3 days. i attempted - but apparently didn’t wait 3 solid days - so they deactivated my card again. wtf. so i ordered a new card and then called. The EVIL EVIL women on the phone told me that it was my fault that the card was deactivated cuz i didn’t wait the three days. however i sorta did wait three days and that was on the 18th. it is now the 26th and the card is deactivated again. so angry. i HATE when customer support people tell me i am wrong. especially when they accuse me of lieing. i am not so receptive of that.

argh. AND i am on hold. seriously. i am gunna punch them.