seriously. new orleans got knocked the fuck down. It is amazing how nature can take a piece of something that we think is strong and then remove our conception of strength without even thinking of it. I remember reading the other day about how the hurricane had POUNDED miami and it was going to disrupt the VMAs (oh my god!!) - but no one had even an inkling of how powerful and destructive it could end up being. I guess we now know. I think it is insane that the governor of louisiana is saying that new orleans needs to be abandoned. i wonder if we will rebuild it - or if it will be under water. i heard that it is a city that is below sea level and near the mouth of a river and near a lake and near the ocean - that seems like a bad place for a city. eh.. i guess we all learn from our mistakes..

if you haven’t - you should donate money to the relief fund. IT IS IMPORTANT. go here to donate through amazon. Please do this.

in other words.. today at skinnyCorp we all hung out and worked (of course) - until jacob got his 6 nerf pistols. we then threw down some skinnyCorp vs. threadless justice. it ruled. quite fun. I have fixed and built my new work computer - so tomorrow i will really start working. only took one week to get settled in. i guess i need some shelves and such to make things really nice. i gotta create a home for my homies. and for my yoyos

yea know. yoyos. i love them.

i need to fix my photolog. i will do that now.

so. i HATE movies that have uncomfortable situations.. seriously - along came polly, bottlerocket, and the like. the uncomfortableness makes me really uncomfortable. haha. so much so that i am pausing hitch and then fast forwarding it cuz i can’t deal with it. it grates on my nerves. but like a horror movie - its nice and fun to have those feelings. although it KILLS me. KILLS. i may have to stop watching and goto bed.