I am glad to be back to work. I can’t wait to really hit work hard. i feel it coming soon. the work. i am pretty excited.

i am thinking about bulding an intranet haha. just a place to put rss feeds and the like of our various interweb resources.

anyway.. this weekend:

On friday after work i went with jeffrey to a small house warming party at robrob’s house. it ruled. i picked up a 1.5 firmare PSP for 200 with a couple games. What a deal. i really wanted one to haaxor and play homebrew on it. I grabbed it – went home. charged it up. and immediately played super mario 2 on it. Man i love emulators. i played Rtype and bomberman 94 on the way to work today. it rules. i was also able to play a bit with backups. Luckily all the ISO’s i found were of games i already owned (this was both lucky and a bane.. stupid isos). I am gunna need a bigger memory stick. my 512 is painfully full. I wonder if battery life is better if i run Twisted Metal: Head-On from the memory stick versus the UMD. I am excited to play against matiss at twisted metal in different room. i really can’t wait for socom. however i am worried that the game is going to suck.

anyway.. on friday i met up with Rani, Kira and the like to hang out at bars and such. Kira and i attempted to goto see “of montreal” with jeffrey - but were tricked by it being a popular show. so we went to lula and drank a bottle of wine and chilled. Then we went to Rainbo, then to victor hotel, then to redno and then to crobar. you know. a typical friday.

On saturday i slept in. worked a bit and played with my fancy psp. then met Rani, Kira and crew for Rani’s sorta birthday dinner at this nice Tapas resturant. it was pretty good. Then i went to Erica’s birthday party and then met everyone at rainbo. Then to tumans. then to a small party at Rani’s. I slept in and then went to rotofugi to get Rani a birthday present where i met my new PSP buddies. hah. it ruled. Then i went to Rani’s BBQ. it was quite fun.

After the BBQ i went home, took a nap, played Rtype and then got ready for my VOX night at spybar. Spybar, as usual, sucked. haha. it was ok. but lame. so we went to redno 5 and had a great time. here are pictures. then i had corn beef hash in the middle of the night - which almost killed me. KILLED I SAY!

So yesterday i just worked in front of the TV. i watched meet the fockers, LOTR: ROTK, and gremlins 2. I also got some ISO’s to boot. how i love torrents.

this is horribly sad