Today was cool. I thought up a bunch of interesting ideas. and that was all. jesus. i am tired. i can’t pay attention for the life of me. its killing me. i am watching Entourage. back a couple days ago i went to an Entourage opening party at crobar. i rode my bike. it was right after i got my bike and had fixed it all up. i had rode it to juggling club then after that swung over to crobar to check out this party. it was a nice party - but it didn’t make a damn bit of sense and it was on a tuesday night. i was damn tired on the way home.

today on the train someone recognized me from my blog. heh.

i need more sleep or more food. so i am not so tired.

my mom comes tomorrow. i hope we goto X/O

i think i am going to make a mini blog that is just ideas. and thoughts. like about security. it will be tag based - so you can read all blurbs about security, or all blurbs about linux or whatever. just one sentence to one paragraph blurbs. i will call it a blog.