So i don’t usually do it. i only do it when i feel its easy - or maybe when it is hardest. i don’t really know. i imagine you can totally tell by reading my past entries. regardless of how easy or hard it is - i totally thinkthat i need to blog sometimes. and whether or not i do is a different story. i wish i had a blogging client that made it easy to update my blog in quick places.

some funny things i though yesterday that i wanted to immediately blog were the thought that no matter how big or small i was - i would be able to have basically the same output as i do now. which is very interesting. i like the internet. it doesn’t matter really who you are, look like, physical present is, or anything - you can achieve in a sense the same as someone else that has the same internet privilege.

my new internet friend who spotted me on the train has a blog here. check it out.

i am currently attempting to work. and watching the wilco movie. its pretty good. interesting. i don’t really know who wilco is - i know the name jeff tweedy - but i haven’t heard much wilco. its really amazing to hear and see the work process. i would love to be a fly on the wall for many recording sessions. its amazing. i can’t imagine really.

tonight i went to X/O with my mom and her friend betty. it was of course good. but it wasn’t as good without my dad, hiromi and matiss there to enjoy it with us. i really miss hiromi. i think i am going to visit soon. i want to. there is no reason why i wouldn’t.

its raining. i am sleepy.