New York Peeps: check out Heath’s new group for watching movies. and such. i imagine it will be a good time.

I have been playing with my PSP a lot more. today on the bus i solved contra. that game is damned hard. seriously. wtf. what kid is going to be able to do that. i barely did with the magic emulator save. screwed up. i also downgraded my other PSP so i could play homebrew on it. ALl i want is to play Y’s but unfortunantly it totally sucks. haha. so sad.

Isn’t it a bummer when you try playing a game that is a big part of your memory. and then it sucks. like.. really really sucks. i suppose it goes for anything. not just video games. but with skinnycorp getting their mame cabnit and me hacking my psps i have been playing a lot fo games that i assumed would be awesome. and they are not.

however. hero is awesome. but i digress. i suppose it is like movies too. like when i watched the last starfighter the other day. that sucked. but it still held true to my memory. however. Y’s did not. it was too slow - the music wasn’t as ground breaking as it was when Sean Norman and myself played it in his basement. It wasn’t mind blowing. it was just a really poorly done anime game on a really fancy device. whereas super mario bros 3 was an incredible game still. the graphics held up, the sound was still good. i guess where the games sat in my head is where the expectations laid. super mario bros 3 was always cheesy, always had simple graphics and had obvious eight bit sound. whereas Y’s was on a CD. a CDROM. it had CD MUSIC!!! and maybe voices(i don’t remember). and it was on the turbografx(pcengine) so it was seemingly >8bit (when we all knew it wasn’t). so in my head it was the technical equivelent of a jet pack. FROM THE FUTURE. so playing it and realizing the jet pack a dude hanging from a crane was disappointing. stupid video games.

in other news. working at skinnyCorp rules. I am currently working on it is quite interesting. the previous developer was good, but we work very differently. and as all coders know - working with someone elses code is like suddenly waking up in someone elses room. it can be weird and a bit alienating. its pretty fun though. wading through lines and lines of code trying to get a grasp on it. then getting a grasp then using it. fun. we are about to get our mame cabinet. launch a couple sites and really rock. ROCK! i am excited. especially cuz i think we are going to start doing some interesting stuff with my friends.

speaking of my friends. i am about to start an online store to sell high end world mobile phones. all gsm, all the time. good ones. i am excited. its called straightupmobile - check it out here. it isn’t done. this is just a headsup. ;)

also. i am making a site that you will all be apart of. unless you suck. then you won’t - but nobody who sucks reads my blogs.. right guys.. right.. … its called i will be sending out invites in a bit. if you are interesting and it has been longer than a bit let me know (i will probably blog about the invites being sent. so if i blog about it and then you don’t get one. email me. ) it shoudl be dope. i am excited. it may lead to parties.

speaking of parties. i am interested in starting up a small agency/startup party circuit. something really small and chill. like a “this is our space” party. something where we can all network. network until we are done. it should lead to business.

i sometimes feel that one of my main skills is that of a networker. it relaly made me think when i read this article about a “master networker.” I want to be that. i will be that.

getting a mohawk is very liberating. i promise. you should all do it.

most of the links on my blog i pull from my feed. how i love my feed. it is a simple thing that really helps me keep track of the internet. which is apaprently big. one thing that i missed about traveling so much and not working when everyone else is working is that i missed all the links that were given out in our irc channel. so i made our tinyurl bot post our links to our irc channel’s account. haha. i will never miss a link again. the source for the bot is at check it out for your own channels. i am NOT a nerd. i promise. i only spend about 40 hours a week on irc.


oh yea. i am really thinking about going to japan soon. to visit hiromi. that woudl be exciting i think. she finally moved to tokyo. and soon she will have her own place. so yea. i woudl like to visit her. and if VOX ever pays me. i will. ;)