anyway.. i am going to build out a new stereo for my room. i am pretty excited. It will be a simple inexpensive/expensive hifi system. some good speakers, a preamp, a good amp, a cd player, an ipod dock and that is about it. I have been excited about the T-amp from Sonic Impact . it is amazing and totally has a little homebrew, hacking movement set around it. I am quite excited - especially about haveing some really cool looking stereo equipment. i love it.

I am casually looking at the Norh4 speakers from norh. they are insane. i first found these when seth gave me his old broken stuff awhile back. i am lost and confused for the preamp. i thought of getting a cheap switching preamp with no fancy features - so i can plugin all i need. I really need one that has phono in. but that is that. i figure i can get everything for way under 1000. with the speakers being about the most expensive part.

oh yea. all stereo. no more than two speakers. heh. <3

with this i think i will be rearranging my room. making it more chill. removing the desk. or maybe just making it a better place to hang. i don’t know. i have a laptop - i rarely use my desktops. i mean i regularly VNC to both of them - but i don’t need them really (except for quake. stupid stupid quake).


i am sleepy. and still at work.

the fear demo is cool. wolfenstein et rules. halflife 2 is incredible.

work is fun.