once again and for real this time i am going to attempt to read and finish gravity’s rainbow by pynchon. holy jesus - that guy is verbose. man. its like reading a freshman philosophy class without all the poor prosylytizing and nonsense. it is just thick as hell and full of words. its nice though. it makes me remember my first attempt at reading catch-22 - but when i was in 5th grade. hah.

anyway - i often find myself listening to music that is more of the “classical” genre on the way to and from work. it is very relaxing and maybe it is tuning my brain. lately i have been into these adagios because of how sad they are - but today i upped the ante a bit with some philip glass violon concertos.

i think that today’s entry is rather rediculous - but until i get my new scfi-nerd-singularity books, i am stuck reading insanity.

ahh… singularity.