today was pretty fun.

but first the weekend. My brother came over and hugn out this weekend. we pretty much just played video games. heh. on thrusday we went to sushi wabi. which was really nice. then we went to bed. we got up earlish on friday and dylan accompanied me to work. it was quite fun. we hung out and he fit in really well. he did a bunch of magic tricks for everyone. i gave him to the fullfillment team and they put him to work. then we juggled and just played around. it was fun. then friday night - dylan and i went to penny’s and then a couple parties around the city. then on saturday - we came back to skinnycorp and hung out - i set up the webcams and dylan played wolfenstein. then we started playing halflife2 and ruling. around 5 or 6 mark and matiss came over and we played halflife2 for a long time. it was awesome. AWESOME. then on sunday we went to rotofugi and i introduced dylan to the world of fashion, designer toys. he loves them. he bought me a little smorkin wabbit and a little qee. heh. happy. i hope he had fun. i certainly did. i miss hanging out and now it is really nice. we are old enough to just chill and do whatever. and basically just talk about our love of peter sellers. hah

so then dylan left and i came to work. i continued to set up the webcams and finally got them all fancy and working. they rule. today i got my sonic t-amp from thinkgeek. it is all i thought it would be. i am pretty excited to take it home and play with it. it is rather impressive. we hooked it up to these old studio monitors that jeffrey had laying around and then jacob and i walked around outside listening to NWA really loud. it is amazing that it is totally powered by 8 AA batteries. i am seriously amazed. it just sounded very very good. It makes me quite happy. i think if i had more money i would purchase a ready made T-Amp setup. it is just sooo cool. ;)

then we took the t-amp, speakers and a bunch of tshirts and went and attacked clark and belmont threadless style. it ruled. especially since we have the siren. heh. it ruled.

then we hung out and watched joe do the graf wall. check out the timelapse movie i made. it rules. now it is time to go get breakfast.