I purchased a t-amp awhile ago and have been listening to it in it stock form for the last 5 days. i am quite impressed with it. It is as good if not better than my receiver i had before. Last time i looked to purchase an amp i was frustrated with the availability of stereo only amps that were of good quality and not crazy expensive. so this is a godsend. haha. stupid god. anyway. i pluggin it in with all the stock cords and it was obvious that using the poor pot/switch for volume, the HORRIBLE speaker wire ports and the evil 1/8 inch stereo cord is not a good idea. so i ordered all the parts last night to rebox it and add some much higher quality parts to the mix. I am going to place it in a Hammons 1402H enclosure, add a 100k pot and add a 12 volt battery to ensure a constant amount of voltage. it should turn out really good. i am not sooo into the hammond enclosure. i kinda want something more unique and nice. but we shall see when it is done. i may really like the industrial way that the hamond enclosure looks. eventually i will be adding a toslink capable DAC, a preamp and a phono preamp to the mix and i woudl like them all to have the same look to the enclosures.

eep. stereo.

epp. back to work.