(04:27:38) harper: i am work late ;)
(04:28:00) Suresh: that's kinda obvious.
(04:28:17) harper: hahaha

i need to go home. i have been at work since 12. almost 17 hours. that is messed up.

lakshmi has posted an interesting take on squidoo. I think the hype machine that is in full motion right now is pretty fun to watch. its amazing that seth is able to pull off what ad agencies woudl give a million dollars for. he just flexes and the long tail shakes. hah. seriously though - when i was at C-K, they would have killed for the reaction that seth is getting from his ebook and blog. It is demonstrative of how mis-udnerstood the internet culture is to most marketeers. Seth has it down pat - lets just see if the internet agrees with his vision of net-simplicty. I know that i agree, but the real test will be to see if my mother agrees.

i have to be honest that i am bummed i haven’t received my beta invitation yet. i want to see how it turned out. the sample screenshots are nice - but i want to see how the lens maker turned out and all that fancy stuff we talked about.

At work we are going to start podcasting. it is going to be awesome. Charlie and I will be the voice of threadless and 15megsoffame. W00t. Stay tuned. and if you must - check out my old trainwreck podcasts on odeo.

I am really excited for my amp parts to start coming tomorrow. I really don’t know about the enclosure - but i suppose i will live. i did have quite a shock last night researching speakers - my old favorite speakers are only worth about 40 dollars for a pair. people are enjoying them still but they are not expensive. so i have been looking for some ultra high efficiency speakers and i think i am leaning toward some from the triangle line. They seem to be making pretty awesome desktop speakers for around $500. excitment.

all my friends are getting married and i am pissed. haha. i am excited and will have fun. but i hate having to go places with no money. stupid aggressively paying of bills. someday. i will be rich and can fly to des moines on a moments notice. or maybe derek will move here.