Tonight ruled. while waiting for the graffiti artist to work and finish and such i decided to do my t-amp project. i got all the rest of my parts i ordered to rebox the sonic impact t-amp. i followed the directions and parts lists from this awesome site. it was quite quite helpful. I have found a LOT of sites dealing with the t-amp and that one is quite possibly the most complete. It has parts lists, schematics and lots of pictures. it is well written and is enjoyable.

So i got the parts.. well i got almost all of them, i didn’t have the patience to wait for the radio shack ones - so i just ran there and purchased them. i am needing one more toggle switch to be completely complete - but it is straight.

here are my pictures in poor poor order: the front and the battery, the front and the back placed in the enclosure, the t-amp placed in the enclosure with the 12V battery (eep, messy), front with the top on, and finally the back. It sounds pretty good. i trust this POT a lot more than i did the crappy one that was on the original case. i also like having a real on off switch. and the battery should be dope. oh and the actual speaker wire terminals are gunna rock. i can’t wait to take it home. I am thinking that i will probably redo it when i get my two others. one will remain stock and one i will place in a really nice wooden chassis with the same basic components - but really well done (maybe i will make two and give one to my dad). The goal is to have four matching boxes - a preamp/input selector, and amp, a phono preamp and a DAC.


(05:12:37) Lakshmi: you are still up? you are insane
(05:12:53) Work Aim: haha
(05:13:39) Lakshmi: why don't you switch base to asia pacific. this time zone suits you better

it is still late. we are working until 10am. then home to sleep until late. Today we had all our beds and rooms cleaned and the whole apartment sprayed with toxic chemicals to stop evil bugs from invading our skin. it is good. the exterminator didn’t find anything - that is also good.

i think i will be really screwed up after this week. and i am going to goddamned iowa this weekend for goddamned broox’s wedding. i am happy for him but wtf is he doing in iowa. it so far from ME! hahaha

and then next weekend is goddamn scott’s wedding. stupid married people and their love..

huddles lonely in a corner.. crying