So. I have been at work a lot lately.

So my amp mod is pretty dope. Although i get a fierce hum when i charge the battery - i have decided to move forward and build the rest of it. I think i am going to build four distinct parts. First the power supply. i am thinking that the power supply should be completely separate from all of the other components - mostly cuz it is totally noise causing and i will be able to replace it if needed. I do like how clean and portable the battery power is - so i will keep that and then make the trickle charger just charge it always. I would like to place a digital or analog voltage meter on the front to make sure that the voltage is correct and that the battery is charged. I think something real flashy wil be nice. like a simple digital display with a blue LED backlight. It will rule.

The second component will be the preamp/input switch - this will be a simple simple preamp. The tirck will be that the volume pot will be motorized to control the volume via a microcontroller - this will allow me to have a remote. god i need a remote. then i will also add twin VU meters - not real real vu meters, but somethign that will allow me to view the levels for each channel. once again - something kinda flashy. i think that really nice analog VUish meters woudl be nice - with that really dim seventies light. Something simple though.

The third component would be the phono preamp. It would a really chilled out active/passive phono preamp that would allow me to hook my turntable(1200 w00t) to my preamp/amp. that is all.

The fourth and probable most important part of the equation would be the amp. i would take the pot off the amp and make it just be an amp. nothing more. i will possibly use the sonic impact t-amp - but maybe upgrade to something with a bit power so i don’t have to use crazy crazy speakers for it to soudn good.

A probably pseudo parts list:

  • Power Supply
    • 12.x V Battery
    • Trickle Charger
    • Voltage meter
    • Power switch
    • Charge/Battery toggle
    • Four Power outs
    • blue led status light
  • Preamp/Switcher
    • Remote, microcontroller controller potentiometer
    • multiple step potentiometer
    • 4 inputs
    • 12v power input for remote
    • 2 (left/right) VU meters
  • Amp
    • amp (some tripath amp - probably si t-amp)
    • 2 line input
    • 4 speaker posts
    • 12V in
    • blue led status light
  • Phono Preamp
    • 12V in
    • 2 line in (phono )
    • 2 line out
    • blue led status light

I think that this project rules and is totally teaching me more about electronics. i mean - i took the classes and have done shit with microcontrollers - but i like this application crap. it rules.

so there.