So i keep screwing up my money world. I keep paying bills to aggressively or whatever and making myself poor. its stupid. i hate it. i am about to stop being poor. haha.

The past week i have been at work forever. I have been chaparoning the graffiti guys at work and staying late working for the past week or two. Its amazing. but i am tired. i want a weekend where i can sleep in until 4. where i can just fuck around with out worrying about anything. someday.

last weekend i went to derek broox wedding. it was awesome. seriously a great wedding. this weekend is scott’s wedding. its gunna rules too. i am a groomsman. and it is gunna be awesome. i love weddings now. although they are taking my money. goddamn money.

i am tired of writing. i need to goto sleep. listen to my new favorite band - floor. and chill out. i love metal.

and reading.

and chicago. and chicago loves the white sox. its insane. everyone is breaking shit and running around with guns and firecrackers outside. its crazy.