So last nights late night game playing was maybe not the best idea to quell my sickness. but it ruled so much. we came to my work around 7 to play some half life deathmatch and counterstrike: source. and we left around 3:30am - totally inadvertently. we had planned to leave much earlier cuz both matiss and I have to work in the morning. somehow though.. killing those counter terrorists really got us riled up and not interested in sleep. it is so awesome though. i now understand everyone’s fascination with counterstrike. it rules. so much.

right now though - i feel like hell. just really really tired. i took a ten minute nap. and then i got up - feeling quite a bit better - but still rough. then i decided to check out this mare ep i got. O M G. it rules.

i am a huge fan of sludgey metal. i like my metal tough and water themed. hah.

i just cracked my neck and my vision slurred. haha.

ok. i need to concentrate or i will die.