Oh man. i am sitting here in midway. about an hour before i have to get on my plane. My internet obviously works - due to me being able to post this, but i am not able to access any of my own websites. websense has blocked them all. haha. stupid “gray hat.” haha. as if i actually wore hats. anyway. i just ssh’d into my server, and am using lync to leave this. hah. we shall see how it actually turns out.

Lately i have been working a lot. playing servers. i am setting up subversino and trac for use over at skinny and i am quite impressed with myself. i am awesome. i rule. haha. oh so awesome.

NOw i am going to colorado - we are going to build a catapult and shoot jon into wyoming. i am pretty thrilled about this. hopefully it will be the best thanksgiving ever. what better way to give thanks to whomever we are supposed to be giving thanks to than by shooting shit and making olden times war machines.

i got a new phone. its a nokia n70. its dope. it cost me an arm and a leg. i really need to get a connection with nokia. the coolest part about the phone - isn’t even related to the phone. i am using this dope software called shozu. It is basically a handler that attaches to the camera app and when you take a picture it asks if you want to upload it to flickr. then it sets it in its upload queue and uploads it. w00t. so i have placed all my pictures on flickr fast as hell. and the camera is good and fast. much faster than the 6600 or the 7610. i am happy. i was going to wait for the n71 or n80 but i relaly like the n70 and its slick. so there.

sorry about the spelling and formatting issues. i am in lynx. haha