So i haven’t updated in awhile. that is.. i haven’t updated since the beginning of thanksgiving weekend. Oh what a weekend it was. Filled with unimaginable excitment and fun.

On wednesday i arriveed. my mother had made all of us kids (dylan, jon, me, sarah, and my cousins) fur vests. Most of them were wolverine fur, but some were from some fantasy animal. They are awesome. So we donned our fur vests and continued to rule for the weekend. We built a catapult, bought crazy things, dranks lots of beer and pop and generally had a brilliant time. you can chek out the pictures here. heh. or you can check out our catapult pictures here. fun fun. It was incredible. I had a great time. and i think everyone else did too.

Then i got back. On my way back i read memiors of a geisha. It was really good. Then i read schindlers list. it was also very very good. I like sad books i guess. I am now back to a steven brust book. i am very excited. VERY VERY excited.

I am still uploading hundreds of pictures a minute to flickr with shozo. it is pretty dope.

Tonight i am going to crobar to see hilary clinton. Hopefully i will get some pictures. I want to become illumanati.

Hiormi is coming to visit on the 19th. i am excited.