I am lost in regards to what to listen to. I need something new. Or old. i don’t know.

This is really amazing. For some reason people are taking “famous” videos and making them “stable.” It is quite interesting and makes watching the videos a bit more mysterious - cuz the video becomes much more clear and… stable. hah.

Christmas was cool. Hiromi came over from tokyo around the 19th. We hung out with a bunch of people. She saw a lot of her friends and then we played “hiromi lives in chicago” and just did what we woudl have done when she lived here. Then we flew to colorado. But right before that we went to this cool party at metro. The party was really cool - I had hooked up my friends(kill hannah) with my friends(threadless) to sponsor kill hannah’s event at the metro on the 23rd of dec. So this melding of friends created a really fun event. A lot of cool cats and friends were there. It turned out to be quite a successful event. Here is a set of pictures i took with my fancy camera phone.

So anyway - hiromi and i flew to colorado and hung out with my family and what not. It was awesome to see dylan. he arrived at the airport to get us dressed as a jester. It was awesome. We then all decorated qee dolls and then opening presents. Christmas day was spent hanging out and then going to the kadings for some game playing. I got fancy new sheets and a monkey head for xmas. It was fun.

Then we flew back to chicago and hiromi and i went and saw brokeback mountain and got dinner. then she went back to japan. i miss her for sure. brokeback mountain was really good.

Then i went back to work and craziness ensued. Then new years eve. and then now.

On new years eve we again had the party at the kill hannah space. It was pretty awesome. Derek and i once again worked the door. hah. this year it was more structured because we didn’t want to really have the party get out of control. So we were armed with guestlists and some attitude. It was pretty hilarious.

Since it was guestlist only we had a lot of people who wanted to get in who were not on the guestlist. So we had to convince them to pay a lot of money to get in. it was stupid. they shoudl have bribed us. really 5 sollars would have done it. but they complained soo much. it was derek and my studio 54. it was fun. we had this one guy want to get in that wasn’t on the list. so he was like “let me show you my 1300 dollar back piece.” and derek and i being into tattoos were like. “YES. show us” - so he did. it was a really nice piece with a biblical phrase that was jeremiah or something. so i shouted “does it say ’narnia’?” and everyone booed. i felt bad. but it was funny and he got in.

Another punk tried to get me to change a 100 dollar bill. i was like “hell no” and he was all pissed and ended up calling me names and yelling at me. The best was how mad he was that i wouldn’t break his 100. wtf. so anyway. i told him i woudl pay for him to get him out of my face. and then he spat on me. haha. wtf. where do people get off.

We had these one set of dudes who were being assholes and trying to bum rush derek and i, and generally causing a huge problem. They were pests. We had to tell them to leave. and as they were leaving they were like “we are going to report you to johnny love. we are going to blacklist you. we are going to call liz armstrong. " so i responded “remember.. my name is harper and the address is 1389.” haha. Shortly after this the cops came. I really think that those punks called the police on us. The cops were real real nice. They didn’t write tickets or take money or anything. they just had everyone leave. we then went to brocks house and had fun. and got sleepy.

so then. on sunday i slept and made cool things. I fixed up flashandburn to be really cool - using ajax to grab the flickr images rather than something lame. I am going to redo watership in the same way when i get a chance. i also made a cool myspace/blog/forum flickr badge that doesn’t rely on any scripting. check it out here. after that i made a php script to backup all my images off the flickr servers. I rule. and i love the flickr api. Busy busy. i am thinking of really rocking the flickrbadge thing to make it quite versatile. I want to have it display all sorts of info. it is all php and pretty cool. i enjoy php.

i really want to upgrade my rails stuff to 1.0 - but i really don’t want to deal with all the crap upgrading. seriously. wtf is with the upgrading guide. “backup your code (use svn). do a rails . in your application dir. do a diff to see whats different. debug” that is bullshit. people should release a LOT of incremental releases to make upgrading easy. it is hard to maintain rails applications.

i need to break up my entries. haha.