i was recently reminded of why i hate companies who are way too full of themselves. just in the past week i called a company here in chicago that does some stuff that we were interested in using. they totally blew me off when they realized i wasn't going to use their managed services. wtf. we would have droppped a lot of money on them. we could easily have rivaled what any of their other clients were doing. they thought i was just some punk kid calling to waste time. I hate being snubbed. I will never ever think about using them.

It just made me realize how important good sales people are in this weird world of the internet. We all hate them. they call. they check up. but when they are awesome. it is so smooth.

An example of an awesome sales person was when i did work with Endeca. Their sales people and sales engineers were so helpful. The engineers understood the product so well that they were immediately able to help us and smooth things over. one of the helpful things was that the relationship didn't end when we purchased their project. They kept checking up on us - both to try and sell and seemingly to try and make our solutions better. It was awesome. they get an A.

Vibes. you get an F.