I have this secret plan to start blogging more regularly and to up the level of intelligence that go into the posts. I am trying to diminish the amount of “so. i went to a club and then i went to another club and there were people” posts - instead having “so. i went to a club and there were these people and they do interesting things like….” and then post more often and more about technology. like how to solve problems that i have solved recently and all that nonsense. i imagine i will do something like that… soon. i just get home from work and don’t want to post - or are at work and am busy. like i tell all my friends who are starting blogs (especially the ones who are attempting to make money at it): you should schedule a time and then collect your thoughts for your blogging time. then the posts are more thought out and possibly more interesting to read.

So what HAS been going on with me lately. Well:

Another cool thing going on at work is our underground sale. Jake had this idea for a sale on threadless that we didn’t advertise anywhere but a few very specific people. So we all decided on some good people to invite into our experiment and we gave them each a coupon. and then we have a graph that tracks how they are doing. if you would like to participate in the sale - just use: tenbucks87 and buy 3 or more shirts. you will get them for 10 each. w00t. threadless!!!

Jake also had suggested to me that i integrate my threadless pictures more into my blog. Since i upload so many with my fancy N70 and shozu it is easy for me to have a “moblog” and the recent photos section doesn’t really cut it. i really like how jake does it and it really hits home in regards what i think is cool right now. i am really into blogs turning into aggregate views of ones online persona. i don’t want to just see what someone has to say. i want to see where they are, what pictures they have taken and what links they are clicking to. i would also love to see what they are buying, what they are watching and what they are reading - let alone what they are listening to.

in mid march i am going to tokyo to visit hiromi. i am quite excited. i miss her quite a bit and it will be nice to see her place and what not. i am also excited to be in tokyo. my dream is to somehow become a pop star while i am there. i have this theory that if i just run around - it is bound to happen. heh.

i am going to go get my super dry laundry and then goto bed. i just finished tatja grimm - the new vernor vinge book. it was really good. i didn’t like it at first. but it grew on me. now i am going to read something less cool. hah.