seirously. i just lay in bed. feeling sick. breathing out of my mouth and bummed that i can’t sleep.

so i thought up a couple interesting ideas that i would like to take up in the next couple months. First - a set of discrete devices that are connected via a bluetooth PAN. like a small network of ambient devices: a glowing orb, a dial, “agent,” a couple small black boxes to integrate with stereo’s or video signals and of course a way to integrate with cell phones. I think the set shoudl have a master box that detects when a cell phone is in range and alerts the user. yea know that stuff. fun things. all varying shades of ambientness.

the next thign i keep thinking about is using xmpp and tidywiki to create a personal wiki that uses gmail for storage. it would be perfect and really simple. i think i could do it. i am going to try and do it tomorrow. unless i sleep through tomorrow. then i am going to try and get better.

ehhh. i hate sick.