and sleep deprevation is destroying my ADD.

I really feel that ADD helps me work on all my projects. For instance today: I worked on extratasty for 3 hours, I played with the stompbox and the verizon card for 3 hours and I did “research” on some other projects (jacobs sync hah) for awhile. But - it wasn’t really in blocks like that - it was threaded. So everything was happening at once.

I do think that this can get confusing and can lead to not being very productive - i just have to make sure that i am on track with everything.


whew. i am really sleepy. and i am watching really weird TV. I just watched will and grace, some other show which i forgot, two episodes of the golden girls and now the nanny. Rather than sit through fran drescher, i am going to go to bed. eep.

my house is incredibly lonely right now. Ever since all my roommates moved out - its just me and the remenents of matiss. Quite weird. i spend almost every night by myself hanging out with my laptop and TV. The only thing that sucks is that i don’t have the motivation to really make my place look better or be cleaner - but i get annoyed by the mess. eeek. i need some roommates stat. or i need to move. but i HATE moving. HATE IT.

I am really excited for japan in march. Today is hiromi’s birthday. Stupid japan being so far. It would have been nice to be around her for her birthday. but yea can’t win then all.

Tonight, however, i learned how to use pulse wave modulation while programming BASIC STAMPS. heh. it was fun. i made my LEDs fade in and fade out. I am preparing for my gumstix. I am planning on making a bluetooth aware led light with some audio to interact with me and my environment. It is pretty exciting. I am worried that i am about to submerge my head about 2 feet under water. trouble. but at least i will get ambient led light part to work.