So i spent most of today attempting to boot my soekris 4521 via PXE to install freebsd. It is killing me. i am going to punch it. wait. i have punched it. over and over again. i punched it in its goddamn eyes.

In other words and other worlds - i attempted to use monowall to jumpstart my box. however - it didn’t work, they don’t have a shell to log into. but, monowall is DOPE. man. i was so impressed with how easy it was to configure. i want to buy a soekris board and use it instead of my linksys wrt54g. it wouldn’t be hard at all - and it should be really robust. it looked fast and it was so nice to configure. hmm…

how i love me the unixes.

i like having comments on my blog. it allows me to kinda interact with some peeps. haters and all.