Seriously. It is killing me. I am rather frustrated.

So i was reading russell’s post on flash lite and was like “yippee.. more s60 software for my shiny n70.” and i clicked his fancy link to page to “buy” the software. Well. after filling out 30 goddamn forms and clicking all around this really stupid flash app - i finally got to a place where i can download the file. So i click it and it is blocked by IE. to unblock it i had to “refresh” the page. which means that macromedia lost all memory of my purchase. wtf. no state. no session. i HATE flash. it is completly unusable. So i click around. trying to find out how to get my purchase and i find a accessibility link. so i right click it. but nooo… its flash. i can’t open it in a new window. i have to leave the shopping area. retarded. luckily i get an email from them detailing how to download my purchase. but.. much to my chagrin - the only way is to log in, and find your purchase. not like those other “html” sites where there is a nice long link you can click.. that would be too easy.

goddamn i can’t explain how much i hate flash as an application language. go make banner ads.