As you probably noticed, i was at work late last night. As usual, My coworker andrew was also here. Often when it is just the two of us - we theorize and talk about everything that is going on like two old stoners in a VW van. Its nuts. We cover everything from office politics to why stars are green. hah. Anyway, last night andrew said a couple of things that made me really think.

First, he mentioned myspace and we started talking about how its crazy and it led us to talk about how myspace will affect the upcoming elections. OMG. seriously. myspace scares the hell out of me. it is an insane collection of culture and quite possibly one of the biggest single organizations in the world. Where else could one corporation make a change to a site and probably effect the votes/feelings of like 100 million kids. imagine if myspace became ultra politicized. Imagine if in this upcoming election, politicians started campaigning to the 18+ on myspace (oh they will - if they are smart). What if we got half of them to vote. that would be more than the voting ration of the entire us. hah. Oh yea. Myspace is owned by fox. Good bye democrats :( The second thing we talked about was success. We were talking about our amazing employer and how Threadless is really successful. One of the things andrew said was “why are people trying to be myspace, why don’t they try and be the level threadless is.” and “just try and make something that works.” I agree so much with this. this to me is the mantra of the web 2.0 movement. This is what Jason at 37signals seems to be ranting about. Don’t concentrate on making sure that your users can upload targa photos, jsut make it so they can upload jpgs really well. Scale the features back so that the site is usable for what it is supposed to be usable for. Don’t add every feature possible. Don’t over extend your poor little site. This is hard. hah.