So yesterday i worked a lot. It was awesome. I enjoy being in a position where i really like what i am working on. It makes staying on task that much easier. In the past, when i was working at other companies, i would often have to work on two or three things of my own just to pass the time between real work and meetings and all that corporate crap that occurs at companies that are really old or really dumb. But now - working on awesome things..

Anyway.. yesterday was awesome. a dream for a nerd like me. I got up. Got to work. Worked on an awesome site until lunch. Ate a good lunch. Worked on an embedded linux box until 6. Then tried to fix bugs on ET until 8ish. then rocked out on some of my personal sites until 2:30. hah.

so yea. work is awesome.

but i am sleepy. and want to lay down. ;)

I will get the stompbox working today!