The last couple weeks have been ultra nerdy. It has been great. I got my gumstix and have been rocking that - attempting to get a handle on how i am going to make that work. It doesn’t seem like it will be all that hard to theoretically make. I am worried about having to prototype a daughterboard for the gunmstix - since i haven’t ever really made a circuit board in real life. i mean - i made stuff in college, but it was all in theory and never left the computer. Check out my progress at

On monday in a fit of scattered experimentation i went ahead and created a fake myspace account purely to see how many friend i could get in a day. I signed up and immediately added myself to one of those rediculous friend trains. It is basically a website where you submit your myspace uin and it lists it in a bulletin that you are able to post to myspace. once you are added to the bulletin - then others add you to their account. Using this i was able to get an amazing number of “friends” in 24 hours. In the end i had about 242 friends. Hah. So i made a simple myspace train myself - It has yet to gain the momentum i think it needs - but its hilarious. someday. i will have 1 million friends.

So i have been working on creating a dope php application framework. I have giving my first draft to derek and am waiting his response. someday broox and i will create something interesting. hopefully it will also make us 1 million dollars. one for each of my fake myspace friends.

I am writing a 3 part blog about podcasting over at the skinnyBlog. Check it out here: How we podcast. Part 1/3: The equipment. I am going over our journey creating our podcast and what we do to make it oh so good. It will be awesome. Tomorrow I will be covering our studio and then later i will be covering the podcast structure and design. We are podcasting professionals. hah.

I leave for Tokyo in a week. I am rather exciting. It will be really nice to see hiromi. i miss her quite a bit and would love it if she lived around here. but our world of sip phones and internet chatting is going to have to do for a minute. stupid ocean.

I think i am going to import some old pictures into flickr. orgazmo is an amazing movie.