So this weekend was pretty cool. On friday i took a long nap and went to smart bar with kira. Mark verbos was doing his live P.A. bit. It was pretty awesome. I really like the knob tweaking and acidish noise that occurs whenever mark does his thing. The new smartbar is really dope. Crazy lighting, and an incredible sound system. Seriously. and INCREDIBLE sound system. It is massive. Nice work on that. After mark finished we headed out and went back to the hood. I went to bed. and woke up late on saturday. Internet was out at my house - so i went to work and noticed that the phones were all down. so i check them out and the asterisk box was totalled. weird. So i redid it. and got back home this morning at around 6am. I talked to hiromi for about an hour. then went to bed.

now. i have lost the steam to continue.