The flight was long. I mean… LONG. I was sleepy so i slept all the way. but i still got bored on the plane. I really needed to bring a book - but it was dark and i didn’t want to wake up my neighbors. but i made it. Immigtation was sooo easy. They just said ok.

I just got to hiromi’s house. It is really tiny. two rooms - stacked. Nice though. I don’t think i have ever seen anything this small in regards to a living space. However hiromi’s place is really nice - it has a balcony and a second floor. all tiny. like japan. hah.

The trains are crazy.

More later. i need to start taking pictures. too bad shozu doesn’t work. hmm.. maybe i will have to get a vodaphone wcdma card… then maybe shozu will work. hah. probably not. ot it will work for 1 minute. heh.