hahaha. i didn’t mean to. i had set my alarms for 8pm last night. but apparently i didn’t hear it or anything else until about 2 today. hah. whoops.

Well.. i was going to write up my experience in japan. I still think i will. However not right now. I also need to annotate all my pictures and such as well. If you want to know about my trip right now!!! then check out hiromi’s nice post about it. Also feel free to check out my pictures. The whole trip was a brilliant time. funfun. I wish i was there now.

Well. i need to finish up my taxes. I think tomorrow is my goal for them being done. i am always such a slacker in regards to finishing them. i hate them. stupid taxes.

I also need to do laundry, and clean my room. hmm.. lets see how it goes.