Man. i got up today at 6:30. WTF. That is not normal. and i am sick. i have a running nose, a stomach ache and my throat is scratchy. Sad. I hope this passes… the getting up early not the sickness.

Last night i finished up the first draft of my ambient device. it is pretty ghetto - but i am doing some cool stuff. I am running the RGB from the RGB controller to my LEDs with 4 wire phone cord. heh. It is easier and cheaper that way. It looks cool and works pretty well. I need to move on the ambient agent.

I also had an idea this weekend. I think i am going to make a quick and easy site that allows people to call a number in their locale that then dials a random number in the US. hah. As an art project.

I am wearing my seditionaries knock off shirt today. I wonder what people will think. I wish mine was the right colors. heh. but it is a famous shirt and i am wearing a knock off from tokyo. hah. i am not quite sure what to think.

i just turned off both alarms an hour before they are supposed to go off. i imagine i will crash hard in like 5 hours. and need a nap at work. eep.