Today was a long day. I have been going to bed so early and then getting up early. It has been nice. But I need to figure out the point of sleep moderation - or i need to get well. It seems that every day around 11 o clock i get kinda sick. Like my throat gets irratated and i cough a bit more. Probably just weak still from my fight with the cold. stupid cold.

Today i did a lot of work on it has been easier and harder since we launched (i find my self saying a lot of things like that ~ easier and harder). what i mean is that havign the site done is nice and now we don’t have such a big thing hanging over us - but the problems that are left are much more complicated. I am excited to launch the shortcode and to launch the api. that will be a blast to write.

i was also able to get the intro/splash page done for the maxbar site. It was a nice/quick site to do. check it out. the bar itself is going to be really dope. we hope that the site matches it - i think it does.

I finally received my invitation to barbelith. although i need another board like i need a hole in my head. i don’t need a hole in my head. and barbelith looks interesting even though i can’t possibly figure out how i would like to pronounce it.

Right now i have to call a cab so i can go home and sleep.