I am freaking out.. hah. my email isn’t really working right now. I foward all email i receive from harper @ nata2.org to my gmail account to use gmail as a simple reader. And this morning as soon as i got into work i am unable to access my gmail account. I can access my work gmail account. but not my primary one. I was also able to access it from home before i left for work. and now i can’t access it at all. I tried with my phone, the imac here and in different browsers (cookies cleared and all). I am worried a bit. What makes it all together more scary is that i am unable to see any messages if i pop into the account. weird… I guess this is why you don’t rely on others for services you could be providing yourself.

I hope that it comes back and isn’t a indicative of a larger problem. All this comes right after nata2.org was invited to move its mail serving to gmail for domains. but i don’t know now.. scary..

I want the CL2 though.. They should give me my email back, give me CL2 and then we will all call it a day. Not having email is making me insane.