Hacking Stuff 

I quite enjoy manipulating and hacking stuff. It could a web application, learning AJAX or XSLT or taking apart the latest awesome consumer appliance. Ever since before college I have been interested in writing software, taking stuff apart and making new things.

Here is a short history since 2001 of stuff that I have been concertrating on hacking or manipulating.
  • 2006 ~ We shall see...
  • 2005 ~ Play Station Portable - Having seen the jakes PSPs while working on squidoo, i was impressed with what they were able to do with them. So i went and bought a couple: One that was version 2.0 and one from a friend that was versino 1.5. I was able to test the new exploits and version changers on the version 2.0 one; while still being able to use home brew and other awesome stuff on the 1.5.
  • 2004 ~ Can't remember. I think it was clubbing or something a bit more temporal.
  • 2003 ~ Direct TV Tivo - Having purchased a Direct Tv Tivo i needed to expand it and get ssh and such so i could "use" the tivo as much as i could. Really all i did was make it so we could Tivo every simpsons episode ever. I was able to get injecting and removal of media into and out of the TIvo - but it just wasn't very helpful for our household. Here is my directivo wiki.
  • 2004 ~ Playstation 2 - I did a bunch of work to make my roommates free playstation work much better. We didn't pirate games cuz that was lame and we didn't care. Here is my blog post.
  • 2003 ~ Direct TV - I was working with smart cards and investigated the direct tv smart card. It was interesting.
  • 2002 ~ Sprint Samsung A500 - Using the formula I derived from the Audreyhacking.com success, i started another site called a500hacking.com dealing with the first of the "3g" phones from sprint. The Samsung A500 was a really nice phone that was color and had good connectivity. We read all over the internet to find information on how to extend and use ALL of the features of the A500.
  • 2001 ~ 3Com Audrey - I was involved with sowbug and the audrey hackers on a community I created called audreyhacking.com. It was a great success and we ended up breaking the Audrey wide open. In 2001 I received an Honorable mention from the Ars Prix Electronica board for Net Vision. It was an awesome community and is still going on.
  • 2000 ~ Dreamcast - Using some of the great hacks from the homebrew dreamcast teams, I was able to play awesome games my senior year of college. We downloaded and tested hundreds of games, and strangely only played tony hawk, NFL Blitz and some roll playing game; only games we actually purchased. Hah.
  • 1999 ~ Lego Mindstorms - When the lego mindstorms lego robotics set came out I was quite excited. I created some great robots - including a biped, a scanner and a bunch of small robots that used sonor. Legos are awesome.

Here are some projects and such i am currently working on. mostly they are just quick hacks that i have pumped out in an attempt to be cool. haha. or just shit i needed at the time.

here is a list:

  • ironkungfu.com - a php wiki notebook of all my projects and such (this has been made private)
  • Movie Sharing DB - a place where my friends can contribute their own dvd collection to be lent.
  • audreyhacking - a site of mine for hacking the 3com audrey
  • a500 hacking - a site of mine for hacking the sprint a500 phone
  • 3gscreensaver - a commercial venture of mine selling ringtones and screensaver storage and delivery
  • penisfighter php experiments - a bunch of random PHP experiments
  • blog watcher - a way to keep an eye on all my friends blogs in one space
  • .Klip Maker - a utility to make .klip files out of ANY rss/rdf source
  • Friendster Friend List Exporter - This script allow syou to export your friendlist from friendster. It still requires a bit of work. but is on the right track
  • OPML Parser - A parser to view OPML files in a reasonable format.
  • 3g Demon ringtone delivery system - an open source ringtone delivery system for the SPRINT PCS vision phones
  • Update my Ambient Orb - an ambient orb update script which automagically updates my ambient orb to a number of colors
  • Magic Number Guess - a really silly game I copied from a cracker jack prize
  • greymatter to movabletype converter - this will take the entries directory from a greymatter installation and nondesctructively display/convert it to a format thet movable type can import. This will also work on greymatter installations you cannot log into ;)
  • NaTa2.COM ads - a bunch of random advertisments created for my hosting company nata2.com
  • PHP Boobie script - the infamous boobie script with a few modifications by myself to make it dope
  • Digital Media/Art whatever - a bunch of my digital art
  • XML Weblogger - a weblog script I wrote that power my weblog
  • War linklogger - a blog that keeps track of war news
  • War Media - a bunch of media I have collected about the war in iraq and 9/11
  • Diamond adventure - the best adventure ever.
  • #corporate - an IRC efnet channel my friends and i inhabit. This site has all the logs and links and such that are associated with it. (this has been made private)
  • weownthesun.com - a full ecommerce website selling land on the sun.
  • mms2blog - a set of scripts takes a MMS/email with attachments and posts the contents to a photolog
  • iTunes XSLT Stylesheets - a set of XSLT stylesheets for itunes music library exports.
  • mobile technology blog - my blog on mobile technology and programming.
  • Free webpage Counter - a free webpage counter for blogs and such. a quick but very usable hack