So i am kinda tired. i have been sick for the last month. it is lame. First i thought it was just jetlag mixed with matiss’s germs from his sickness mixed with being in tokyo and then the US so fast. But then it never really ended - so i decided that i probably have/had a sinus infection and wouldjust have to fight it. So i went to the doctor. He was like “yea. your sinu sis inflamed.” so now i have to fulfill a prescription. whee. i hate that. i don’t know if i have ever really done it. only once i guess - when i went to india and had to take all those pills. anyway. i guess i need to go¬† to the pharmacy.

i am suddenly not interested in blogging. i really need to get some work done.

i am really excited - hiromi is coming to visit in june. i need to figure out a way to get her back here.

stupid immigration laws. hah.