I was talking to my “phone connection” and it looks as though the nokia N80 is out in the wild. You can check it out here. The N80 seems like a pretty cool phone. it has all the features that one could possibly want - good camera, good os, good form factor and wifi.

I think for me the selling point is the wifi. Although on the N80 you are unable to use the phone as a VOIP SIP device, it would still be one of the coolest things ever. Being able to upload pictures and media very fast in wifi zones. and browsing the internet at work/home.

I think that the 3rd party programs would be the key. I have read that there is possibly a RSS reader, and probably a lot better IM support - maybe even skype.

It would be awesome.

However, i am waiting for the E60 or something more similar to my phone that does support VOIP SIP. That way i can retire my starcom UT F1000 from the situation. Luckily none of this happens soon - so i don’t have to drop the 500 dollars until june or july.