This weekend was pretty nice. I went to colorado to help my dad with his webpage, visit my family and for mothersday. I always forget how pretty it is in colorado. I am always a bit surprised when i see the mountains or the sunset. Also the weather is so nice. a lot nicer than chicago. Especially this weekend.

I got in late on friday and i just ate easy mac, slept and read a bit. Then on saturday i got up early and went to my dads business and got some info about their site. Then i met up with my brother and we had a nice lunch at wendy’s. For the afternoon i napped, read a bit and played computer for a minute. That afternoon i helped my father do some yardwork. It was fun. Basically i just stood there postulating about the neighbors. hah. After that, my mom, dad and I went to Melting Pot for fondue. It was really good. During our meal hiromi called so my parents were able to chat with her for a second. It was nice. It was fun to talk and hang out. Then on sunday we had a nice meal celebrating mothers day. Dylan was able to make it and, as per usual, was dressed like a clown. Pretty sweet.

Then we watched crash. That is a rough movie. I liked it a lot - but found it to be quite stressful. I wasn’t really interested in being so stressed but it was nice. I also finished my first book of my set of 1 million books i got. heh.

I then barely made it home. ;) but i did. and now i am here.

It was a great quick weekend. As usual, i am constantly reminded of how weird and funny my brother is. Sadly, sarah was a bit under the weather and i didn’t get to see her. next time!