Man today sucked. Seriously. I haven’t had a BAD day in years. today. today was a bad day. I woke up and got in the shower. Got dressed. check my email. checked my text messages. and i had a txt from my buddy mike telling me my server was broke. so i checked it out. i couldn’t ssh into it or anything - which is very very unusual. I have never been able to not connect at all. and usually a web server or something.. but never the firewall. wtf. so i called and had them reboot it. took a cab to work. and nothing. it was totally totally toasted. so i called them again and we went through a bunch of stuff. finally i detirmined that i was totally fucked. So my friend tony helped me debug some stuff and finally i gave up. i was looking for plane tickets to columbus when tony found this dude in columbus that does unix support. He came in and for a little bit of money really rocked the place and fixed her up.

So then i worked for the next 6 hours on debugging the firewall script which apparently caused it to break. what was interesting was that i hadn’t reboot the server since i installed it. something like 450 days. man that is a good amount of uptime. i am really sad that i had to trash it though. now it is back and i feel 1000% better. hopefully the day gets better exponentially after this.


ok. i need a drink.