So this weekend was pretty fun. It was god damned hot and full of events. On friday i went out to dinner with matiss (since he was moving out on saturday) and chris. we went to bouna terra. It was good and we had a ncie dinner. After dinner i ran into bunches of friends and eventually made it to the SUNN 0))) show at the logan. Pretty awesome. I took a bunch of pictures and some video(1,2,3,4). I got really tired of SUNN0))) after awhile - but it was really nice. I am glad kira grabbed tickets.

On saturday i slept a bunch and matiss moved out. That is really weird. I have lived with since 2000 and it has been the most successful living arrangment i have yet to have. Fun, entertaining, convienient, easy and healthy. I am going to miss him quite a bit. But i am excited - cuz i almost think that we may hang out more since he is living away. We will be able to chill again. just last night we went to see X-Men (more on that later :P). anyway...
So on saturday i went t this awesome birthday party for my friend John. It was really fun. I hung out with a bunch of people i hadn't seen in a long time and a bunch of people i hadn't met. I like meeting new people. I always forget. It was great. There are some pictures of the evening on flickr. While at the party i got to discussing flickr with some flickrheads and we talked about the new flickr look and photo views. Most of the people didn't like the new flickr. I have to agree with them. Its annoying. I have a hard time navigating to simple things like my tags or my "activity page." i know they are there - they are just so buried under those annoying menus that it is hard to find it. I find myself typing in the url from memory rather than clicking. annoying.

We also talked about flickr photo views and how as i eclipse 100k photo views it is apparent that i have totally exploited the whole tagging, folksonomy and group system to raise my photo views. I mean its valid. I didn't cheat really. People just want to see porn. and my most popular pictures are of hot club girls. i can't be helped.

Anyway - the party was awesome and we ended up taking a video of a bidet. totally sober. totally... sober.

Then on sunday. i went to a bbq and then generally "out." I saw scotts band american heritage at the Note. It was awesome. I was very happy that his band was good. Nothing is worse then trying to explain to friend that "i really 'liked' your stuff" when their band sucks. Amjad was in the hood and was our ride so we had to sadly split early from the show. We then hit up Na'el (amjad's brother) at his studio and probably freaked out some suburban parents. I was of course rocking my Dance shirt and looking crazy as always. After that we hit up dannies then crobar for a night of messy drinking. fun fun.

On monday i was detirmined to work on some stuff - but instead spent most of the day debugging my router and internet. It was stupid.

Then i saw xmen. Xmen was ok. kinda stupid. but the best part with when juggarnaut referenced those dudes who made the jugarnaut bitch movie. that was awesome. and well worth the money.

i am going home soon to read scifi and get roommates.

Oh and hiromi is coming soon. i am very excited.