So hiromi got here monday. it has been really fun.

On monday I picked her up and we hung out around my house. Went to our friend becca’s house and hung out.  It was fun. After that we went home - picked up chris - went to irazu and then went to the empty bottle to see becca’s husband’s band “just a fire.” It was good - but hiromi about died from jet lag. So we hurried home and went to bed.

Then on tuesday hiromi came and had lunch with me at the Taste of Lebanon. Then she made a really nice dinner. It was awesome. Then we went to see the movie “the break-up.” It was ok. Sad and weird. but fun that it was in chicago.

Yesterday Hiromi hung out with becca more. I went to a tmobile party where i won a T-Mobile MDA. Hah. We then met up and went to Le Colonial for dinner. It was really tasty. After that we met up with jordan and the aoki crew over at victor hotel. Then we cruised and hung out with the wabi/softball crew at tumans.

It was a nice night.

So this phone. It looks really cool. The form factor is nice. Pretty small. Pretty good looking phone over all. The keyboard seems hearty enough - probably annoying after awhile, but pretty cool. I think it would be a great phone to have if you used only windows products (like outlook and whatnot). It has word and all that. pretty cool. Nifty really. I think the real key is the wifi. That way you can get good internet speeds for chatting and whatnot when you are in those areas. It would rule. People really seem to like it though.. check out this MDA review.

However.. I don’t like windows and i don’t like the form factor of the phone. What i want is the Nokia e61 or Nokia e60. Probably the e61. I like the form factor of the e61. I was all about the e60 for a minute - but then i started to think about it. I am not all that interested in another candy bar phone. The goal of this is not to replace my current phone. but to have a new wifi phone with browser/messaging capibilities. Thus the nokias.

So buy my MDA. hah. or give me a Nokia e61.