so i accidently spent like 100 hours in the last month reading this goddamn scifi series. It was super annoying. really good stuff. but a really bad author. well not really bad. but not very good. all the reviews said that when reading the series - you can’t wait a very long time between books because the plot is so thin. so true. but the story is great. but now i am done. and really pissed. haha.

Also. i purchased 15 books on the 17th of may and i have finished 13 and its the barely been one month.

i like reading. i think it is the one thing that i do that totally circumvents anything else. i think i would sell my brother for some time with a good book - and i am sure he would do the same. hah

i am going to play computer some more. and hopefully make my site look a little better. it is rough now.