Woah. I am so damned tired. I slept a LOT today. Like nap after nap after nap. and no actual rest. So this weekend was nuts. First off it was intonation festival weekend. I usually HATE festivals but intonation is often fun and full of good bands. I wasn’t going to go - but tommie is in town and had passes - so i was able to stop by. I saw the boredoms, ghostface killer, the streets and lady soverign. It was pretty awesome - but last year was better. it was more fun just to hang out with friends and whatnot - then actually see the bands.

Then today. i juggled with matiss for some alderman in the pride parade. It was 2.4 miles of juggling death. So so so hard. haha. my body is telling me that it has giving up and is going to sleep while we are typing. i am controlling my fingers by will alone. its annoying.

My brother said he liked this design - but that it made me look like a pussy. hahaha. i told him to stfu. and then punched him over the internet. but whatever. i like how it looks.

some crazy thing are afoot. i am sure all of yall will find out more later. but stay tuned. excitment. !!

goodnight. sleep well.