I just put openDNS into place at skinny. It is a neat DNS “replacement” that is a bit more intelligent than regular DNS. it apparently checks for phishing and notifies the user that they are going to a “phishing site.” This is pretty cool stuff - however i am worried about who chooses the phishing sites. I mean, what if they become a bit more vigilant and start blocking “hacking sites” or “sites deemed inappropriate?” scary! i kinda wish it wasn’t so effective as to completely blind the user to the phishing attempt. However - i totally see this being great for someone like my parents or my apt. people who don’t really want to worry about DNS or all that crap.

One of the other cool features of openDNS is that it has a nice domain level spell checking. so if you mispell nata2.org as nata2.og it will redirect you to nata2.org. haha. awesome.

even though it is really cool and potentially very very helpful for not as savvy internet users i am still a bit freaked out by the control that openDNS has over what i view. I guess though that all DNS servers have that control -but that openDNS is overt about its use of the DNS system for good.

Well. i will of course chronicle how it goes..