So for awhile i have been paying attention to the BAPE/BBC phenomona that is invading hiphop. I guess i should say it has invaded hiphop. Anyway. I have admired the all over print, crazy foil, insane patterned hoodies and shirts for far too long. I am going to try and acquire some stuff that is insane. INSANE i tell you.

Rogue Statusso first i started talking to hiroki about all this nonsense. He was telling me how much money people are spending on this shit. Its amazing. 700 dollars for a monster looking BAPE Baby Milo hoody if you are IN TOKYO. wtf. I don’t quite understand - i mean.. at skinnycorp one of our lines is naked and angry and the whole deal is that it is limited. but there is no way we are as off the hook as this whole patterned hip hop craze is. I am very interested in how they tell the story of limited. yea know. how do they make their lines appear soo limited?

so yea. i decided to buy an all over print shirt - so i got this rogue status shirt. it is awesome. i purchased it from subdivision in vancover. check it out.