This is a followup to the post about openDNS from July 10th. So we used openDNS for a couple days. It worked really well. Then it failed. We were all trying to do something and no one in the office was having DNS issues. So we rolled it back.

I think if there were a couple more servers - or it was distributed a bit more i would be more apt to use it in this “enterprise” way. However, until then it will be on a per-user basis.

So reading about(i say that as if i was puttering about) on the internet about the openDNS thing and it seems that the biggest complaint is that their is one place which desides what is a “good or bad” site. I think that this is a very very valid issue - and one that could be very easy to poison. It would suck if openDNS became wide spread and then an exploit came about to poison the “phishing DB” so that your site was denial of serviced in an ultimate way.

One of my personal complaints about openDNS was the invalid domain page. wtf. everytime i typed in a domain that was wrong i thought that i had hit a spammer page. it was pretty confusing. I guess i was looking for something much more clear.

I would like to see how the openDNS service turns out when you can configure some of these “features” in an openDNS control panel. i think seeing the granularity of the config will really make up my mind. It is a pretty awesome idea - i plan to hook it up at my moms house. which in my world says something. the mom test is the most important. that is why she has a mac, wears a helmet and is only allowed to leave the house on tuesdays and thursdays (just kidding about the mac mom.. heh).